Welcome to the website of Fabrizia Verrecchia

Yoga teacher and dancer of Bharatanatyam and Butoh

Fabrizia meditating by candlelight, photo by IbyYoga

Fabrizia draws from both Hatha and Kundalini traditions to create her very own style of Yoga, bringing in poetry, visualisations and her experience of Alexander Technique. Her gentle restorative classes provide a nurturing ambience and spiritual uplift. She runs weekly Yoga classes at her Strawbale Dance Studio set in woodlands near Hertford.

Fabrizia dancing at Rhythms of The World festival in HitchinBharatanatyam - Indian Classical Temple Dance

Fabrizia makes this stylized ancient Temple dance accessible to people of all abilities while keeping the essence of the form, bringing in Yoga, meditation, and guided imagery. She teaches classes in Hitchin and at her Strawbale Dance Studio, and gives regular performances.

Butoh - Experimental Dance

She's a founder member of the experimental dance theatre group Cafe Reason. Butoh deeply influences her Somatic approach to movement, and she offers performances and workshops in Butoh.

She is passionate about taking her work into schools and community and festivals, accompanied by traditional musicians.

Check out Fabrizia's YouTube channel, and Facebook logoThe Strawbale Studio's Facebook page.

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