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An intimate space for dance, music, poetry, yoga, meditation, ceremonies & celebrations

[ Outside The Strawbale Studio, photo by Alan Tindley ]

See the dedicated website for hiring structures & holding events at Michael's Folly

A unique studio space set in woodlands at Michael's Folly, available for workshops, dance/yoga classes, rehearsals, lectures or retreats. It lies between the county town Hertford and Potters Bar, close to London yet situated in an idyllic rural setting.

[ The Strawbale Studio in twilight, photo by Ravi ][ Behind The Strawbale Studio, photo by Alan Tindley ]This charming circular strawbale building of 22 feet diameter with a transparent roof was designed by Yasmin Shariff of Dennis Sharp Architects, who described it thus:

This structure has one of the lowest eco-footprints in the UK as bales were produced in neighbouring fields and the main timbers obtained from a recycle yard less than 5 miles away. Construction was a community effort with children and the elderly making an equal contribution.

The outside has been traditionally rendered in lime plaster, and it now has a lovely new dancefloor. Heating, lighting and electricity are connected.

[ Inside The Strawbale Studio, photo by Alan Tindley ]

Behind the Studio lies this enchanting labyrinth, waiting patiently for you to walk its twisting paths in contemplation...

[ The Labyrinth behind The Strawbale Studio, photo by Sadiye Tarcan ]


[ Outside The Strawbale Studio in springtime, photo by Alan Tindley ]"Being in The Strawbale Studio is like being transported into a different dimension, into a place of perpetual serenity and joy." - Jane R.

"Thank you for offering your lovely oasis to us... the place felt so peaceful, welcoming, comforting and delightfully, beautifully unique... It is a treat just being there!" - Erika and Johanna Singh

"It was so nourishing being in your lovely studio and grounds - a real privilege to share your space which is so special and peaceful." - Lyn Ragg


Valerio Fissore (a friend of Fabrizia's father Giorgio) was inspired to write this poem about The Strawbale Studio:

[ Bowls and gongs set up in The Strawbale Studio in springtime ]

The light-chiming straw-bale bell

The wood has gone to seed, has
speciesed time's perhapsful dreams
of shapes, shifts, smells. sounds,
with humid dry, with powdery pasty,
from fire air, fire from air.
In darkness the light-chiming bell
stands: old things to come.


>>> See more pictures of The Strawbale Studio, and read an interesting article in The Sunday Times on April 30th 2000.

[ Yoga cushions piled up in the Strawbale Studio, photo by Ibolya Adam |The doorway of the Strawbale Studio, photo by Ibolya Adam ]

[ Looking through a window of the Strawbale Studio, photo by Fabrizia |Looking through a window of the Strawbale Studio, photo by Fabrizia ]


Facebook logoThe Yurt and The Ark

The Yurt at Michael's FollyThe Ark, a cosy cabin at Michael's FollyThe Yurt and The Ark are ideal for short holiday breaks or small events, workshops, ceremonies, celebrations, retreats in conjunction with The Strawbale Studio, perhaps as a second indoor space for serving refreshments. For more information, contact Fabrizia.